Royal Pacific Hotel Hong Kong

About the Royal Pacific Hotel Hong Kong

If you're planning on travelling to China in the future, but don't know where to begin why not start in Hong Kong? Located on the south coast of China mainland, this fascinating country is made up of two separate parts, Hong Kong island and Kowloon side; both are separated by a stretch of harbor. Hong Kong side is the main bustling central business district noted for its tall skyscrapers, fancy hotels and designer shopping malls. A boat ride away across the harbor and you reach Kowloon side with its endless rows of delicious food shops, antiques markets, electronic goods stores and mysterious temples; a great place to start the day's exploration.

No matter when you plan to visit Hong Kong it is best to arrange and book your accommodation before you leave your home country, thousands of tourists as well as business people flock to the capital at all times through out the year. If you're looking for the full experience you might want to consider one of the many harbor view hotels dotted along each side of the lands end, as this particular harbor is known as the busiest in the world and when night falls it lights up like a Christmas tree giving tourists a fantastic visual delight and a great photo opportunity.

One particular hotel that stands out is the Royal Pacific hotel Hong Kong, situated in Tsim Sha Tsui on the Kowloon side of the harbor area. This area is near the end of Nathan road, the main shopping strip on Kowloon side, also within walking distance from the science museum, Park lane shopping center and an array of various bars and clubs; basically everything in one spot. With 673 luxury rooms at your disposal you'll be spoilt for choice; each has been fully furnished with beautiful interiors and all the comforts of home. The Royal Pacific hotel Hong Kong likes to give its customers special offers, which are constantly available and changing; so if you plan on visiting Hong Kong soon don't forget to check their website for the latest deal.

For all the fitness freaks out there who can't live without a daily exercise routine, the hotel provides guests with a state of the art gym, complete with the most up to date equipment that money can buy. If you prefer to go out doors, simply cross the street to the large Hong Kong park area which boasts a swimming pool, bird Avery, football pitch and many other sports facilities. To give first time visitors to this wonderful city a chance to get an all around feel for the country, the Royal Pacific hotel Hong Kong offers a number of special day trips both inside and outside of the city.

To top off your visit the Royal Pacific hotel Hong Kong prepares only the most inviting menus for their guests, the Satay restaurant offers spicy delights from Malaysia and Singapore to get your taste buds moving, or of your just a little puckish why not try one of the mouth watering gateaux cakes and specially brewed coffees in the park deli. To finish off a busy day of sight seeing walk on up to the two story harbor view bar and toast the night away ready for another day of fun and excitement.